Vita Nuova LLC

Vita Nuova is a national redevelopment consulting firm focusing on the revitalization of distressed areas and redevelopment of complex properties. Vita Nuova has completed over 20 area-wide planning projects nationally including several prior to the advent of the current program. Vita Nuova conducted the “pilot” for USEPA which led to the design of the current program in Indianapolis, Indiana for USEPA Region 5 and has completed numerous other high-profile area wide planning efforts in the region including the Strong Cities effort in Gary, Indiana which has led to the creation of the new Lakefront District ( and the Toledo Area-wide Planning project ( In addition to work for public agencies, Vita Nuova has worked with numerous Fortune 500 corporations to disposition and bring about redevelopment at surplus properties. A recent example includes the former TIO2 plant in Wilmington, Delaware which will become a new container shipping facility for the Port of Delaware ( and many others.


ICP Consulting

ICP is a regionally-based community involvement and stakeholder engagement firm. They are adept at working with all types of communities and doing outreach with difficult to reach stakeholders in distressed neighborhoods. They help engage and empower stakeholders to ensure that they become active participants in the process and contribute positively to the project outcome. As a disadvantaged, woman-owned business established in 2014, they bring a wealth of experience, energy, and wisdom to our stakeholder engagement approach.

Their approach includes a mix of informal education, collective action and organizational development. It focuses on cultivating inclusiveness, mutual aid and building local networks. ICP consulting has worked in the toughest neighborhoods in Ohio. These distressed low income neighborhoods are inhabited by predominantly minority individuals. ICP consulting listens to residents, engages in data based discussions and help residents create strategic plans that they view as possible.