Lorain Harbor Area-Wide Planning Project Update

January 2018 – Happy New Year Lorain! Our project team has been working closely with key Lorain stakeholders, as well as the USEPA, to identify key sites and characteristics of Lorain that will facilitate a successful revitalization of sites along the Black River.

In preparation for conducting outreach around key brownfield sites, the Vita Nuova Planning team will be attending a number of meetings throughout Lorain to update the community and receive input from stakeholders and community members.

Progress to Date/Key Goals

Since the start of this project in August 2017, the Vita Nuova team has worked to complete several goals which laid the groundwork for ongoing progress in this project. The project team has worked to complete all tasks under Task 3, Research and Analysis, on the project schedule including:

  • review of existing plans and data
  • project area inventory and reuse prioritization
  • market analysis and reuse assessment
  • site prioritization and repositioning for the Expression of Interest process.

Going forward

As the Lorain AWP project progresses, Vita Nuova will be preparing to support Lorain in reaching out to the development community. We will prepare an Expression of Interest (EOI) package and supporting materials for key redevelopment sites. This will entail:

  • Updating the website – LorainHarborAWP.com
  • Creating an EOI package and supporting materials
  • Identifying potential developers and end users
  • Finalizing the list of redevelopment sites.

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